Hello, and thank you for visiting!

On behalf of the Raid-Wars team, we invite you to join us on our GRAND OPENING night on Dec 24th, Christmas Eve of 2018. We are spending a lot of time with preparations and developement, and we're sure that each player who joins will be able to create an experience suitible for their playstyle and habits that they can personally enjoy. Customizability and quality of user experience are two crucial concepts that we keep in mind during construction, and we aim to create a PvP factions server that embodies those ideas, and supports a community of builders and warriors alike. 

There will be opportunities to win Raid-Wars Credits (R.C.) which can be used in-game and online, as well as other prizes come opening night!

We look forward to seeing you at our Grand Opening! Be sure to save the date in order to get immediate access to everything we've been working on for you!

-Jerald {Owner}

-Venom {Owner}